Monday, April 6, 2009

YouTube AND my little castle - Tioram

... now coming full circle from beginning this blog with a little personal story about a gentle,beloved grandmother's history- a castle somewhere in the past, past.
VERY little information was ever mentioned by Gram of "the castle"- In fact, I didn't hear about it till a recent trip to Scotland by one of her sons to find the castle. Not much left of it--- but Web is fantistic--- another traveller gives us a brief glimpse on YouTube- of Tioram.
Web 2.0 ? --I'm hooked.

Podcasting stories

Now I'm on a roll- backwards! (in the RULA Learning program). I skipped blogging for a while . It's cool though- 'cause things keep changing, getting better..
Take podcasting/itunes , for example. CBC has been my first, and still favourite podcasting experience. I grew up in a home that listening to radio was like breathing - constant.
Because podcasts are archived for a short duration on CBC site- it made sense to subscribe to the auto downloading of latest "Writers & Co." or ESL podcasts. _'till my little home pc exploded with maybe over load- not sure, but needless to say I did not get to listen to all the previous Eleanor Wachtel episodes.
Now with a zippier PC I can capture more content AND good news- Q:the podcast (Q with Jian Ghomeshi) is now --- a VODcast-- - who can complain about seeing JG. himself, live , in colour (well not quite live but certainly in colour). Check it (him) out in bold TV "..full length interviews with celebrities and personalities in the worlds of arts, culture and entertainment". A previous episode, now available on Youtube,
Q: The Video Podcast

Podcasts are great for adding to you i-pod for travel listening so, Jian's April 6th podcast.

Commentary for catchup week

Thinking Spring and flowers and birds twittering--- well not exactly as described in Toronto today! But I wanted to back up to a couple of previously untried parts of the social web- Twitter. My experience today resulted in many attempts to both set up an account and to respond to a Chemistry related social space - I guess it is a busy day for tweet, tweet --- I keep getting a message: "Twitter is over capacity".
I know I'll get in if I persist...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cooliris add-on

Kind of cool... good to find photos.I've added this to my EI Browser. Still, I think,this app will need a bit more time and intervention and some [simpler?] techniques to be of real value for me. The links to the indicated page for the image are not always reliable (using IE). My experience so far shows better results with Firefox. Quick and easy acess to Youtube content for Margaret MacMillan content search using Cooliris

Was reliable on on Cooliris test!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Social networks

Networking is one of my favourite passtimes. I have a preference for the in-person kind, rather than virtually. However, there are excellent reasons for virtual connections -- common interests being the most immediate one that comes to meme.(mind thought)

For the purpose of RULA- I MAY have a couple of "new' friends on Facebook.... but , what if they reject me... oh dear. There is probably an interest network for "therapy sessions for rejected on Facebook"... or I may start one.
probably however, I will simply move on to the next area of interest.
Ok- on to the next Web 2.0 experience. yippee

Friday, March 6, 2009

Google add-ons and walking

Great fun with Google.
Group edited documents with colleagues was cool. Check out where we would like to travel--
And yes, of course we can travel with Google Earth and see street views of cities on our travel lists. (the SAT images are quite a marvel also!)
i've mapped some routes for our RU_N -Amok (sea to sea race).
I'm clocking my kms and hope our team wins the race (or at least places in the top 10!).
MEANWHILE, WALKING in Toronto; THINKING about Scottish Castles
a sample from my Flickr Photos

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Delicious and tagging

Catch up week- good idea... I had skipped the delicious activity and am now delicioused-out. I've social book-marked and tagged (with RULA20, of course) a selection of sites that may have value to me for Ryerson reasons. Very little overlap with other RULA 2.0er's choices. Some of the sites I go to frequently and a few are there just in case..The value is that the deleicious bookmarks follow me wherever I am.(as long as I remember my delicious login of course!).
cool app. overall.